Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Exhibit: Human Landscape by Brin Reynolds

On Friday April 22, photography students from the University of Nevada put their work on display at several of the downtown bars.  The exhibit I observed was called, “Human Landscape” by Brin Reynolds.  This exhibit was made up of eight different photographs which depicted parts of the human body in such a way that they appeared as geographical features such as hills and valleys.  It was very well done work whether it was from a student or a professional and the nudity was not done in poor taste at all.  I also was very pleased to see the local bars supporting the students and the arts.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

lecture review #1

One Lecture that really stood out to me was one that actually took place before the semester began, “China Town” by Lucy Raven.  It was particularly interesting to see something being portrayed that I would never have thought of as art.  I grew up in the mining community of rural Nevada and have spent a lot of time working at various mines.  I’ve gone through the monotonous long shifts and worked with the equipment but never thought someone might see an artistic side to this environment.  Its almost ironic to me because almost all of these mines are located next to beautiful mountains and I’ve often just stopped and looked around thinking about how amazing this desert can be.  To see someone go past what I thought was the artistic scenery and capture this industrial process to be portrayed is really interesting to think about.

Another peculiar thing to me is that I’ve never known the mines to allow photo documentation of their sites other than for their own use.  The mines are virtually governed by an incredibly strict organization called MSHA(mine safety and health administration).  Even though it’s just called safety and health they control everything that is conducted on any minesite in the U.S. 

The key aspect of this was the connection that the process of the ore creates among two nations that have very little in common.  One thing about art is it doesn’t have to focus on beauty or nature; it can simply be something that makes you think.  This work intrigues its viewers even with mundane assembly line type of industry. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

minigolf 1

Here is my first little stab at the mini golf hole.  I wasn't really sure how complex we should be with the actual pepakura construction so I designed a simple base for the hole and i will decorate and add to this with objects. my theme could go a few directions at this point. currently because I went with a pramid shape at the center, i'm iclined to make an egyptian/desert theme.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3D modeling pt.1

With this project I had a feeling that I would be leaning towards mechanical or inorganic models as I built it up, so I decided to start with an animal to make sure there was some organic presence. One thing I really wanted to experiment with in this was how much existing models could be changed. I came to the conclusion that the downloaded models all had varying amounts of changable properties.

3D Modeling pt.2

This model just came together as i started becoming more comfortable with the tools. The glass texture really seems to work well with the flowing shapes of the model.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Second Life at the Roxbury

I worked on the project with Angel and Vlad. This video idea just kind of worked itself out after we looked at our avatars together. We were wanting to make something fun and goofy so I feel like this was pretty much a success for us.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Second Life Performance

My proposal for a Second Life performance is to have our self-portrait avatars as cross dressers. This would slightly poke fun at the idea of people using Second Life to be someone they aren't because we would obiously be crossdressing while the avatars usually hide who you really are. This performance could include flirting with people and/or having objects that add to the costume.